A domain is obviously essential for any web site – without one – you haven’t got a web site. With trillions of domains registered to people who just hold onto them thinking one day they will be valuable, sourcing a domain can be frustrating.

It’s made worse when you have a whole host of companies offering cheap domains that after you spend hours going through, arnt really cheap at all.

Here is the where with all on 5 Domain name providers listed lowest to highest (Prices from Website July 2023)

  • GoDaddy.com
  • Ionos.com
  • GreenGeeks.com
  • Cheapnames.com
  • Domain.com
  • Name.com

$1 for 1st Year but only on first ever purchase for new customers only and not on a .com.
Dot com is $10 per Year, there after $17 per Year. Ionos include FREE Domain Privacy so a good all-round deal.

Advertise domains from $0.99 but that is not for a .com. Offer was available on .xyz, .store and .link. When trying to purchase a .com domain our offer price was $9.58 a year with a retail price of $13.98 but includes free domain privacy.

Advertises 0.01c Domain for 1 Year. Terms are 0.01c for 1 Year when you buy 2 Years so actual cost is $22 and renews after 2 years for $43.98 for another 2 Years. Includes Free domain privacy. 1 Year on offer is $13.98 with domain privacy.

Name.com offer a 1 Year domain for RRP $12.99 on offer at $10.99 with domain privacy at $4.99 total cost $15.98. Annual renewal is $12.99 per Year.

1 Year .com domain is $11.99 plus $8.99 privacy protection – total price $20.98. You are also offered a free .online domain if available but don’t forget that would be extra renewal costs.

GreenGeeks have a no frills clear policy. You can get a free domain with any hosting package or buy a domain for $17 for 1 year. GreenGeeks charge $9.95 for domain privacy so not the cheapest.

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