For our first Blogette (our word for a small blog!) we are looking at hosting for your Web Site. We all know, your web site is your window to the world. Its your shop front, its your showroom. But like any physical showroom or shop, it can be a costly overhead and you need to look if those costs have got carried away over time, lost in the fog or just abandoned to the ever increasing price additions.

Take a fresh look at your hosting today and you could find that it’s very possible to shave a few dollars, pounds or euros off the cost of hosting whilst actually getting a better return for your money.

Say you are an average small company and the accumulated costs of hosting come to $80 a month. That’s with your extra site security deployed, your fee for additional hosting space, your annual member ship etc. $80 a month is $960 a Year. Suppose you could halve that to just $40 a month or less. $40 isn’t a lot but it’s still nearly $500 a year (Nice weekend away!).

Our Five Web Hosts to consider (Lowest to highest starting price).

Savabl choice!

We pick GreenGeeks as the best web host for getting online, not only affordably, but with a free transfer service and plenty of concentration on the deep pollution impacts on the environment that the internet effectively contributes to, its an all out winner.

Check out GreenGeeks hosting plans here.

GreenGeeks seems the better choice to us for their shared hosting plans with free migration and daily backups. GreenGeeks has a slightly better uptime performance and is fractionally cheaper. The choice of server locations is a big plus too.

  1. IONOS
    IONOS Starting at $1 per month
    over 8,000,000 customers
    IONOS say they are the web hosting and cloud partner for small and medium-sized businesses. They manage more than 8 million customer contacts and over 12 million domains. With data centers in USA and Europe they offer virtually everything you could want. Be careful extra costs don’t run away with your savings. Be sure to get a quote that includes everything you are likely to need. With 12 million domains … there’s safety in numbers!
    $1 per month gets you Unlimited storage, Unlimited databases, Domain name included, Free Wildcard SSL, Free email, free support. Note – The $1 a month changes to $12 a month after 12 months.
  2. GreenGeeks
    Starting at $2.49 a month
    Over 500,000 Websites hosted
    If the environment is a big thing for you then explore green Web Hosting at GreenGeeks. Not only do you get low prices and can choose the country your server is in, they have an eye on the environment too. We use GreenGeeks and have found their support to be very efficient with an online chat, accessible with your account number and PIN which can be easily found at the top of the management console.
    $2.49 gets you 50GB Web Space, Free SSL, Free Domain 1st Year, Free nightly backup, Free CDN, Managed WordPress and 1 Tree planted!
  3. HostGator
    Starting at $2.75 per month
    Over 800,000 Customers
    Hosting since 2002, they have the tools you need for a successful site including free site transfers and you can get a free SLL certificate.
    $2.75 a month gets you a single Web Site, 10GB Web Space, Unmetered bandwidth, 1st year free domain and chat support. Note, the free domain is only when you sign up for a minimum of 12 months and if you cancel before they will deduct $17.99 for the domain from any refund.
  4. Bluehosts
    Starting at $2.95 per month
    Hosts over 2 Million Websites
    Founded in 2003 Bluehost is the longest running recommended host trusted by over 2 Million Websites Worldwide.
    $2.70 a month gets you 10GB SSD Storage, 1 Website
  5. A2 Hosting
    Starting at $2.99 per month
    Has over 110,000 Customers
    Started in 2001, A2 Hosting with 200 employees say they are dedicated to providing high speed hosting.
    $2.99 a month gets you 100 GB SSD Storage, free migration, unlimited space.

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